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Gunna take you for a ride on a big jet plane March 21, 2011

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Found a dutch friend who has super similar taste in music!
We started out talking about folktronica and chillwave and then ended up discussing Ryan Adams & the Avett Brothers….also found some legitimate Dutch smart rap.

Also, saw the cutest boy with scruff and a lip ring in the supermarket today and definitely got a doubletake from him.

I’m doing really well in classes too. I feel like I’ve proven myself to myself.

Today rules.

I completely think that you can judge someone by the way they look. No, not just their clothing or accessories or if they have teeth, but by how they present themselves as well as things like bone structure. If I was either smarter or had more time, I think there could be a theorem that would prove that certain personality characteristics or backgrounds can be determined by a person’s features. This guy I’m sharing music with, first of all he’s hot, secondly, I probably find him so because I subconsciously knew by his outward appearance that we have similar tastes and such. IS THIS CRAZY or AM I RIGHT? Maybe it’s just because I’m intuitive? But don’t you have to talk to someone or at least have interaction to have any kind of intuition about them? I judge books by their covers; I often buy them for that very reason, and I’m rarely wrong.

Okay, jumping off the high horse now.

But tell me you can’t see DOUCHEBAG on this guy’s face:


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