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Recently April 3, 2011

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Been in Leeuwarden still, obviously, but I took a trip with my Finnish roomie Mira as well as my Polish friends Dorota, Hania, & her boyfriend Voytek to Groningen on Saturday. We saw the student capitol of Friesland that supposedly has the best shopping (nothing I haven’t seen before) and the best partying (we left at 6:30 p.m.). Some points of interest:
Martini Toren/Tower of the kerk/church:

We climbed its ~380 steps 97 meters up (I’m scared of heights) a corkscrew steep brick staircase with a rope to cling to for balance:


I am attempting to incorporate olives into my life for no good reason. Did you know they are actually classified as a fruit?! Whoa.

Even though I’m trying to like olives after 22 years, that doesn’t mean there’s hope for licorice. Ew.

Finishing up our final paper and presentation for the end of the Store Branding module– presentation Wednesday and final test TOMORROW at 8:30 a.m. wooooo hoooooo!

Voytek, Hania, Dorota

Dorota & Kara                                                         Mira                                                                    Kara


Happy 9th Birthday to my love Mango:


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